Commercial Property Valuation & Appraisal

The valuation and appraisal of real estate lie at the heart of the professional work of Smiths Gore.

The firm has many years of experience in valuation in the British Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean region. Our clients include owners, lenders, developers, investors and governments.

Valuations are based on extensive market knowledge and undertaken by an experienced staff, including Chartered Surveyors with experience in the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We undertake valuations of a wide range of property types, including hotels, marinas, resorts, islands, development sites, offices, retail and warehouses and for a range of different purposes:

  • Financing / Mortgage
  • Sale and purchase
  • Asset management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation support
  • Company reporting and strategic review
  • Compulsory acquisition (eminent domain)

The firm is also able to provide services in commercial project development encompassing:

  • Financial feasibility analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Construction management

Reports are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the RICS Valuation Standards (the ‘Red Book’). We will undertake income, cost and sales approaches to value, as warranted by the specific project. We provide detailed market research, analysis of entitlements and a legal title that are so fundamental to establishing market values in the Caribbean.

Our BVI Real Estate Services

Valuations & Appraisals

Our residential valuations are prepared in a format tailored to suit the requirements of the client. We prepare USPAP and AIC form reports to meet the requirements of all of the banks in the British Virgin Islands. For larger properties we can also prepare narrative reports conforming to the requirements of the RICS Valuation Standards (the ‘Red Book’).

Property Management

Smiths Gore provides residential management services throughout the British Virgin Islands tailored to suit the requirements of each client, whether the property is leased on a long term basis, offered as a vacation villa or retained for use by the owner. 

Strategic Partnerships

Smith’s Gore has established strategic partnerships who we work in collaboration with to provide global coverage and niche market expertise. We tailor our solutions to meet our clients need and are delighted to have the ability to work with our partners in this way.


Smiths Gore offers a comprehensive commercial real estate transaction service providing advice on acquisitions and disposals to a variety of clients throughout the Caribbean.